City of Brown City

Boards & Commissions

Table of Contents

City Council

Stacy Biel
Patricia Jacobson
Robert Jacobson
Ross McIvor
Geno Navock
Walter Robinson

Planning Commission

Todd Vandewarker, Chairman
Jay Berry
Chris Page
Mike Frey
Robert Jacobson
Ross McIvor

Festival Commission

Jamie Bird-Chairperson
Tara Owens-Vice- Chair
Jason Fuller
Alexanderia Mitchell

Park and Recreation Board

Chairman Ron Marion
Board members:
Sean Hagey
Stacy Biel
Tara Owens
Louis Martus – Burnside TWP Representative
Rick Mitchell – Maple Valley Representative
Matthew Taepke – Summer Recreation Representative.

Cemetery Board

John Leibler, Chairman
Raymond Carman
Ronald Campbell
Karen Burgess
Brenda Gingell

Election Commission

Juanita Smith
David R. Van Cura

Brown City Area Fire Authority

Gene Burgess (Flynn Township), Chairman
Rick Mitchell (Maple Valley Township), Secretary/Treasurer
Christine Lee (City of Brown City)
Chad Dempsey (Burnside Township)
Steve Kalbfleisch (Lynn Township)