City of Brown City

City Treasurer

Jaimie Faust

The Treasurer for the City of Brown City is an elected two year position with elections occurring on even numbered years.


Shall have custody of all moneys, bonds, notes, leases and evidences of value belonging to the City.

Shall appear in District and/or Circuit Court as the official agent for the City of Brown City, duly authorized to act on it’s behalf.

Shall be the ex officio tax collector and shall perform collection duties, including the filing of cases in Small Claims and/or District Court for collection of delinquent personal property taxes. 

The City Treasurer’s office is responsible for the City, School, and County Tax collection.

The paid tax receipts are posted using software that is connected to Sanilac County.

Every March the delinquent property tax rolls are sent to Sanilac County to collect.

The treasurer’s office is responsible for the collection process of the delinquent personal property tax.

Name changes are processed throughout the year and tax bills are mailed twice a year.

As funds are collected, the Treasurer’s office distributes the amounts to the appropriate entity.

For the most current duties of the Treasurer, refer to the City of Brown City’s Charter which outlines many of the duties.


How are taxes billed?

The summer taxes incorporate a portion of the Brown City Community School taxes. The winter taxes have the second portion of the Brown City Community School, and the full year of City, County, Intermediate School District and State Education taxes. Both summer and winter taxes are payable to the City of Brown City.

Why can’t I pay my taxes at City Hall after February?

The City of Brown City has to close the tax books at the end of February. The County buys the real estate tax from us as of the end of February. All inquires on taxes at February should be directed to Sanilac County. We have no record of what gets paid once the tax roll is sent to the County.

Who makes the decision on when taxes are due?

State of Michigan law dictates the summer and winter tax schedules. For some citizens, the bills are confusing because they speak of “fiscal year” and the City’s fiscal year April 1 through March 30 of the next year. However, the taxes are calculated on a calendar year basis (January 1 through December 31).

Can I get a discount for paying my taxes early?

No, there are no discounts for early payment nor can the City accept tax payment via credit card at this time.

"I heard City employees don’t pay taxes."

This is completely untrue. All government employees (whether City, County, State or Federal) are subject to all taxes just like everyone else.

“All this tax money goes to the City.”

Though the City collects the taxes, not all the money goes to the City. If you look at the breakdown provided on your tax bill you would see which units of government get a share of your taxes. The County and school districts receive a larger portion of your property taxes than the City. Also, from time to time special millages may be levied for bonded debts, special assessments, etc.