City of Brown City

Police Department

Chief Ron Smith   |   Officer Dillon Morgan

For Emergencies Call 911
For Non-Emergencies Call 346-2000 ext. 1  or  346-2325

The Brown City Police Department is a progressive agency serving 1,400 citizens. The Department employs 2 sworn full-time personnel and four sworn part-time officers.

Brown City Police Officers are multifunctional officers who are trained and experienced in handling almost any police related situation that occurs in the City. Some of the basic responsibilities include general patrol for the purpose of traffic enforcement and prevention – detection of crimes and hazardous situations. Police officers are sworn to enforce city ordinances, state and federal laws. Officers respond to calls for service that include both criminal and non-criminal matters. Department members investigate crimes, accidents (both on streets and private – public property), and handle City ordinance code violations.

Brown City Police Officers are responsible for the apprehension of criminals and wanted individuals. Members of the Department routinely respond to non-criminal matters, such as child custody disputes, property disputes, and other situations where a police presence is requested. The Brown City Police Department is one of only a handful of departments state-wide that will still respond and unlock motor vehicles after the operator has locked the keys inside.

The Department has been a leader in introducing new technology in an effort to keep Brown City residents as safe as possible. Patrol vehicles have in-car camera systems to provide a visual record of enforcement events. The cars are also equipped with Internet-connected lap top computers (paid for by a grant) to better communicate with other police agencies, and allow many administrative duties to be completed on-line in order to maximize time on patrol. Officers have also been equipped with Tazers as an additional non-lethal tool for law enforcement.

During the average month, the Department conducts 288 hours of patrol and performs about 1,300 business checks.

Handgun purchase permits, registration and permits to carry concealed weapons (CCW) are available by appointment.